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Premium Companies

The below list is featuring our Premium Companies related to Chemical & Pharmacy industry. These companies are active in this realm as a manufacturer/dealer/distributor/trader/vendor/importer or exporter. This list contains the companies, we are advertising primarily.

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As a result, you can easily access to the manufacturer/dealer/distributor/wholesaler/trader/importer and exporter of this field advertised through this monthly journal.


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Abhi Ro Water Purifier

Water Purifiers, RO, Reverse Osmosis, Domestic RO Systems, Domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems, Domestic RO Spare Parts, Domestic Reverse Osmosis Spare Parts, Water Dispensers, SS Dispensers, Stainless Steel Dispensers, Dosing Pumps, Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges, Chimneys, Induction Stoves, Cook Tops, Kettles, Money Counting Machines, FRP Vessels, MPV Systems, Distribution Systems

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Anvay Pharma Systems Pvt Ltd

Automatic Ointment Manufacturing Plants, Automatic Cream Manufacturing Plants, Automatic Tube Filling Machines, Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machines, Rapid Mixer Granulators, Octagonal Blenders, Fluid bed Dryers, Muti Mills,

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Ashok Traders

Needle Bearings, Steel Balls, Ball Bearings, Linear Guideway, Shaft Supports, Linear Bearings, Hard Crom Plated Shafts Hardness, Ball Screws, Linear Ball Bushes, Lubricant Bushes, Cam Followers Bearings, Ball Transfers, Steel Balls, Rod End Bearings, Close Housing Units, Linear Bearing End Supports

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Aventa Chemicals

Essential Oils, Aromatic Chemicals, Ajwain Oils, Basil Oils, Clove Oils, Cedarwood Oils, Cit Jawa oils, Dillseed Oils, Eucalyptus Oils, Jarnrosa Oils, Liquid Oils, Lemongrass Oils, M Citrata Oils, Orange Oils, Peppermint Oils, Palmarosa Oils, Pine Oils, Patchouli Oils, Rosemary Oils, Spearmint Oils, Sweet Almond Oils, Anethole, , Coumarin, DEP, Geraniol, Hydroxy Citronellol, ISO Boroneol Flakes, Indol, Linalool, Linalyl Acetate, Menthol Crystal, Methyl Chavicol, Methyl Salicilate, Musk Xylol, Phenyl Acetic Acids, Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol, PEME, Terpeneol, Terpenyl Acetate, Thymol Crystal

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B.S.K. Technologies

Digital Meters, TDS Meters, Sound Meters, Anemometers, Tacho Meters, Moisture Meters, Thermo Humidity Meters, Refractometers, Temperature Meters, Humidity Meters, Pressure Switches, Indicators, Controllers, Data Loggers, Pocket Water Instruments, Water Testing Instruments, Sound Level Meters, Thermometers, Portable Meters, Flow Meters, Trasmitters, Temperature Instruments, Conductivity Meter, Lux Meter

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Busch Vacuum India Pvt Ltd
Crystal Aromatics

Essential Oils, Fragrances, Flavours, Flavors, Angelica Root Oils, Amyris Oils, Bay Oils, Balsam Tolu Oils, Bois De Rose Oils, Holy Basil Oils, Basil Oils, Bergamot Oils, Black Pepper Oils, Cajeput Oils, Calamus Oils, Chamomile Oils, Camphor Oils, Caraway Oils, Carrot Seed Oils, Cassia Oils, Cananga Oils, Cardamom Oils, Cedarwood Oils, Cellery Seed Oils, Cinnamon Bark Oils, Clary Sage Oils, Clove Leaf Oils, Clove Bud Oils, Cistus Oils, Coriander Oils, Cumin Seed Oils, Curry Leaf Oils, Cypress Oil Algeria, Elemi Oils, Eucalyptus Oils, Pennel Seed Oils, Fir Needle Oils, Frangipani Oils, Frank Incense Oils, Geranium Oils, Ginger Oils, Grape Fruit Oils, Ginger Lily oils, Galangal Oils, HO Leaf Oils, HOPS Oils, Hyssop Oils, Jasmine Absolute, Juniper Leaf Oils, Kewra Oils, Kafir Lime Oils, Labdanum Oil, Lemon Oils, Lemongrass Oils, Lime Oils, Lavender Oil, Pimento Berry Oils, Lavendin Oils, Rosemary Oils, Rose Oils, Rose Wood Oils, Winter Green Oils, Ylang Ylang Oils, Yarrow Oils, Winter Green Oils, Vetiver Oils, Tuberose Absolute, Tagetues Oils, Thyme Oils, Tea Tree Oils, Rose Geranium Oils, Sandal Substitute, Dalmation Sage Oils, Tangerine Oils, Tarragon Oils, Mace Oils, Mandarin Oils, Myrrh Oils, Marjoram Oils, Mimosa ABS, Melissa oils, Myrtle Oils, Neroli Oils, Niouli Oils, Nutmeg Oils, Oakmoss Res, Orange oils, Origano Oils, Orris oils, Patchouli Oils, Petitgrain Oils, Peru Oils, Pine Needle oils, Ravintsara Oils

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Desmo Exports Limited

Methanol, Formic Acid, Melamine, EVA, PVC Resin, Glycerine, Propylalcohol, Meg, Melamine, Maleic Anhydride, Propylene Gycol, Citric Acid Anhydrous, Citric Acid Mono MSG, Ajino Motor, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soda Ash Lights, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Hydrosulphite, Sodium Sulphide, Ammonium Chloride, Phosphoric Acid, Sodium Formate, Base Oil Calcium Grease, Paraffin Wax, Residue Wax, Slack Wax,Citrate, Grease

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Dip-Flon Engineering & Co.

Floropolymer Lined Valves, Ptfe Lined Fittings, Pfa Lined Fittings, Etfe Lined Fittings, PP Lined Fittings, Pvdf Lined Fittings, PFA Lined Ball Valve, Fep Lined Ball Valve, Plug Valve, Ptef Lined Products, Pfa Lined Products, Fep Lined Products, Etfe Lined Products, PP Line Products, Pvdf Lined Products, Prfe Expansion Bellow with Flanges, Swing Check Valve, Ptfe Lined Steel Dip Pipe, Ptfe Lined Ball Check Valve, Pfa Lined Ball Check Valve, Fep Lined Ball Check Valve, Pfa Lines Plug Valves, Fep Lines Plug Valves, Ball Valves, Non Return Valves, Dip Tubes, Spargers, Floropolymer Lining Services, Nozzle Liners,Dimpled Sheets, Lined Sight Flow Indicator, Strainers, Expansion Bellows, Lined Valves Components, Plug Valves, Tank Valve, Spool Pipes, Distance Pipes, Instrument Tees, Dip Pipes, Rings, Molded Parts, Reducers, Blind Flanges, Teflon Lined Ball Check Valves, Diaphragm Valves, PTFE Lined Plug Valves, Teflon Lined Plug Valves, PTFE Lined Swing Check Valves, Teflon Lined Swing Check Valves, Sopool Pipes, PTFE Lined Elbows 90 degree, Teflon Lined Elbows 90 Degree, PTFE Lined Reducers, Teflon Lined Reducers, PTFE Lined Equal Cross, Teflon Lined Equal Cross, PTFE Lined Butterfly Valves, Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves, PTFE Lined Ball Valves, Teflon Lined Ball Valves, PFA Lined SFI, Teflon Lined SFI, PFA Lined Instrument Tees, Envelope Gaskets, Reducing Flanges, Spool Pipes

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Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, ETP, STP, Zero Liquid Discharge Systems, Renewable Energy System, Biogas Power Plants, Analytical Lab Services, Air Pollution Control Systems, Water Testing Services, Soil Testing Services, Food Testing Services, Cyclone Filter Systems, Air Scrubber Systems, Air Monitoring Services

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Hema Instruments

Cable Float Switches, Side Mounted Bi Color Roller Type Level Indicators, Top Mounted Bi Color Roller Type Level Indicators, Top Mounted Level Switches, Tubular Level Indicators, Panel Mounted Level Controllers, Ms Power Coated Level Controllers, Flameproof Level Controllers, Vibrating Controllers, Multi Channel Ms Power Coated Level Controllers, Scada With GSM Technology

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Kitten Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Liquid Filtration Products, Filter Papers, Filter Pads, Pleated Filter Cartridge, SS Filter Housings, Stainless Steel Filter Housing

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Lester & Dynamiks (India)

Chemical Plants, Chemical Equipments, Tefzel Coated Centrifuges, Top Discharge Centrifuge, Bag Lifting Type Centrifuges, Full Body Opening GMP Centrifuges, Halar Coated Centrifuges, Heat Exchangers, Reaction Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Distillation Columns, Storage Tanks,Bag Lifting Type Centrifuges, Ribbon Blenders, CGMP Vessels, Distillation Column, Mass Mixers, Chemical Agitators, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge

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Loba Chemie Pvt Ltd

Laboratory Reagents, Fine Chemicals, ACS Grade Reagents, Organic Chemicals, Inorganic Chemicals, Biological Stains, Biological Buffers, Dyes, AR Solvents, ACS Solvents, HPLC Solvents, High Purity Acids, Silver Mercury Salts, Metallic Salts, Ion Pairing Reagents, Volumetric Solutions, GC Grade Solvents, AAS Standard Solutions, Packing Options,

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Ravi International

Vacuum Tray Dryer, Rotary Vacuum Dryer, Air Tray Dryer, Limpet Reactor, Jacketed Reactor, Fluid Bed Dryer, Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer, ANFD, FBD, Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer, RVPD, Double Cone Blender, V Blender, Vibro Sifter, Rotary Sifter, Mass Mixer, Powder Mixer, Manufacturing Tank, Jacketed Tank, Storage Tank, Storage Silo, Ointment Cream Manufacturing Plant, Cream manufacturing Plant, Toothpaste Manufacturing Plant, Liquid Process Plant, Oral Process Plant, Syrup Process Plant, Shampoo Process Plant, Dring Machines, Mixing Machines, Blending Machines, Shifting Machines, Rotocone Vacuum Dryers

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Sachin Industries Ltd.

Filter Presses, Filter Plates

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SR  Prefabs Modular Cleanroom Pvt. Ltd.

Modular Walls, Modular Ceilings, Modular Clean Room Doors, Modular Soft Wall Clean Rooms, Filter Ceiling Systems, Conventional Clean Metal Doors, Contamination Control Equipments, Clean Room Doors, Control Equipment, Metal Doors for Conventional Clean Rooms

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Tecnik Fluid Controls Pvt. Ltd.

PTFE Flexible Hoses, PTFE Hoses, PTFE Lined Flexible Hoses, Silicone Flexible Tubings, PTFE Flexible Tubings, Phthalate Free PVC Tubings, PVDF Tubings, FEP Tubings, PFA Tubings, Peristaltic Tubings, Phi VI Tubings, Phi XL Tubings, Dairyflow LDPE Tubings, Dairyflow LLDPE Tubings, Superflex Tubings,Bioflex, Pharmaline Pharnalex, Corroflon, Corrofline, Bioflon, End Fittings, Relink, Visiflon

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